Message From the LHMSA Director of Pastoral Care

St. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 4:1,“Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.” Our visitation work is very important. We know the needs in our area – hospitals, care facilities, neighborhoods, and congregations. Keep up the good work. Do not lose heart. Well done, good and faithful servants.

We ask our visitors to tell others about our work and to encourage the congregations to support us financially and in prayer. Look for more exciting things to come.

- Rev. Mark Lobitz, Director of Pastoral Care
Lutheran Hospital Ministries Southern Alberta

Many of the care centres have requested a devotion/church time at their centre. Pastor Lobitz has provided that service to many care centres and has as many enrolled as he can physically handle. We are looking for volunteers to provide devotion/church for the other care centres that have requested this service. Instruments and song books are provided. If you can help, please call Margrit at our Lutheran Hospital Ministries office at (403) 264-4045.

Our LHMSA Visitors

Our Ministry is patient/resident centred and Visitor based. LHMSA trained visitors do the majority of the work. And we are so grateful to them. They are front-line workers, bringing Christ’s word of healing to individuals who are lonely and in need. We have had many wonderful visitors over our 40 year history and our current ones are a great blessing. We invite you to support our people and work through prayer, offerings and possibly joining our Ministry as a front-line visitor.

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a visitor, please contact Rev. Mark Lobitz at (403) 637-2650 or

Interested in being a trained LHMSA Visitor?

Please contact Rev. Mark Lobitz call 403-637-2650, or email

Comments from our Visitors

“I never had any plans of becoming a volunteer visitor, but with some encouragement, I tried being a volunteer visitor in Feb 2004, and have been making weekly visits at the Peter Lougheed Hospital ever since. What I like about this ministry is that you never know from week to week what the Lord had in store for you. It is especially rewarding when God works through you to reconnect with someone who over the years has drifted away from God and the Church.”

“I always enjoy visiting and am very grateful for all the remarkable people I meet; it is very rewarding and fulfilling especially when patients are sharing and grateful for prayers offered!”

“During the summer/fall of 1983, I spent the majority of each day in the ICU waiting room of the Holy Cross Hospital, hoping to spend a few precious moments with my dying father. Because of the intensity of each situation, the visitors to this room became a very close-knit group, relying on each other for our spiritual and emotional needs. It was during this time that God installed in me a desire to continue to work with others, support one another on life's journey. While the days are not perfect, they do lead to a closer walk, and the beginning of heaven... here on earth.”

“I have been humbled to listen to people's experiences and life stories. It is an honor to be able to visit and pray with people in various stages of faith and wellness.”

Visitor Training Session

Would you like to be a care centre or hospital visitor?

Please contact us for our next training course.

Please contact Pastor Mark Lobitz, Director of Pastoral Care, at (403) 637-2650 / for more information.